January 19, 2016

We are excited to say that, once again, Highlands Precious Gifts Preschool has scored a perfect 100 on the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment for last school year.  For those who are not aware, each child who participates in and finishes Florida’s Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program (VPK) and who then attends Kindergarten in a Duval County Public School, is given an assessment during the first couple months of the new school year.  These assessments are used by the Office of Early Learning and the Early Learning Coalition of Duval County to evaluate how well any given VPK provider is doing in preparing the children for successful entry into Kindergarten.

Readiness Score Is A Good Indicator of Program Quality

These scores are then published online so that parents can see the results.  This score can be an excellent tool to use as an indicator of quality when parents of 4-year-olds are looking for a good Pre-K program.  When programs are “low scoring providers,” they are given appropriate coaching by experts in the field of early childhood education to help improve the quality of their program and then are monitored closely to ensure improvements are being made.

Talented Teachers Are the Keys to Successful Students         Teresa         LaVerne

As I reflect on these scores, not only am I proud of our graduates and their success, I am also very grateful for such talented teachers!  In the 9 years HPGP has been a participating provider in Florida’s VPK, our Pre-K graduates have consistently scored in the 90% range or above.  In fact, including last year, our graduates have been assessed with a PERFECT SCORE 4 of those years.  (There are no results for the year 2013 – 2014 due to technical problems with the system.)  This kind of educational nurturing does not happen without dedicated and knowledgeable teachers who sincerely care about their students.  HPGP is fortunate to have that kind of teachers.

Choose HPGP for High Quality

So if you or someone you know is looking for a high-quality preschool program for that very important year just before Kindergarten, please check out our website and stop by for a visit.  We will be opening enrollment in late February and spots will fill up quickly.  For more information on Kindergarten Readiness Rates, you may visit

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