Ms. Eileen's Class

  • As two-year-olds, we love to have lots of open space to play beside one another. Ms. Eileen makes sure there are plenty of age-appropriate activities to keep our little hands and brains engaged throughout the day.
    Here are just a few of the ways I am growing and developing during this important year:
    • I begin to speak in sentences of three or more words.

    • I start the year with a vocabulary of approximately 50 words; by year end this increases to nearly 900!

    • I enjoy looking at pictures in books and listening to stories.

    • My play is mostly sensory-motor—that means I need lots of room to use my small and large muscles.

    • Teacher:
      Ms. Eileen
    • Age Group:
      1-2 Year Olds
    • Class Size:
      6 Children
    • Daily Session:
      9:00 am – 1:30 pm
  • Class Schedule

  • Our daily classroom schedule varies based on the season, day of the week, special activities, and the moods of our preschoolers! Here is an example of a typical day in Ms. Eileen's class.
    • 9:00
      Arrival & Center Activities
    • 9:15
      Story Time
    • 9:30
      Potty & Wash Up
    • 9:45
      Outside for Playground Activities
    • 10:15
      Potty & Wash Up
    • 10:30
      Snack Time
    • 10:45
      Circle Time / Literacy Activities
    • 11:00
      Potty & Wash Up
    • 11:15
      Music / Monkeynastix
    • 11:30
    • 12:00
      Potty & Wash Up
    • 12:15
      Lunch Time
    • 12:45
      Center Activities
    • 1:00
      Potty & Wash Up
    • 1:15
      Story Time
    • 1:30
      Departure / Transition to Extended Day Activities
  • Fall Enrollment is Happening Now!

  • About Ms. Eileen

    • Eileen Blackmon

      Eileen Blackmon


      I have been at Highlands Precious Gifts Preschool for 22 years, and have been so blessed by the special angels I have been privileged to teach during that time. I love working with children because of how much they teach me as I get to see the world through their eyes.

      • My Favorite Color:
      • My Favorite Children’s Book:
        The Giving Tree
      • My Favorite Restaurant:
        Red Lobster
      • My Favorite Vacation Spot:
        Virgin Islands
      • My Hobby:
        Playing with my Cats and Dogs