Ms. Teresa's Class

  • As four-year-olds, we are getting ready for "big" school. We have become social butterflies and love playing games in small groups. Our favorites are Number and Alphabet Bingo. We are practicing following 3 to 4 instructions in order. Ms. Teresa gives us plenty of opportunities to practice our beginning writing skills.
    Here are just a few of the ways I am growing and developing during this important year:
    • I LOVE to talk, talk, talk and to ask questions.  I am extremely curious about everything.

    • I begin to notice the differences between myself and my friends like hair, clothes, and gender.

    • I am developing spatial awareness -- that means awareness of my body and its position in my surroundings.

    • Now I can recognize numbers and letters out of order and I understand opposites.

    • Teacher:
      Ms. Teresa
    • Age Group:
      4-5 Year Olds
    • Class Size:
      12 Children
    • Daily Session:
      9:00 am – 1:30 pm
  • Class Schedule

  • Our daily classroom schedule follows state of Florida guidelines, but varies based on the season, day of the week, special activities, and the moods of our preschoolers! Here is an example of a typical day in Ms. Teresa's class.
    • 9:00
      Arrival & Center Activities
    • 9:15
      Story Time
    • 9:30
      Potty & Wash Up
    • 9:45
      Outside for Playground Activities
    • 10:15
      Potty & Wash Up
    • 10:30
      Snack Time
    • 10:45
      Circle Time / Literacy Activities
    • 11:00
      Potty & Wash Up
    • 11:15
      Music / Monkeynastix
    • 11:30
    • 12:00
      Potty & Wash Up
    • 12:15
      Lunch Time
    • 12:45
      Center Activities
    • 1:00
      Potty & Wash Up
    • 1:15
      Story Time
    • 1:30
      Departure / Transition to Extended Day Activities
  • Fall Enrollment is Happening Now!

  • About Ms. Teresa

    • Teresa Read

      Teresa Read


      I love working at Highlands Precious Gifts Preschool because everyone here is like a family. Watching children learn and develop is such a treasure!

      • My Favorite Color:
        Earth Tones
      • My Favorite Children’s Book:
        The Gingerbread Man
      • My Favorite Restaurant:
      • My Favorite Vacation Spot:
      • My Hobby:
        Spending Time with Family